John Zoller
Feet On The Ground Head In The Sky
Deeply ShallowCorneredAlone In The Blue Future The Man Whose Head ExpandedAnother Green World
A Hard Life In The CountryAll We Have Is NowFrom Left to Right 
Possibilities Are EndlessInvisible Oval MirrorSuspended by LanguageA Hard Life In The CountryI Can And Shall ObeyOrange Splat !Looking From Another Hill SideThe English SchemeMother DaughterThrough Hollow LandsBetween Pasts & FuturesMother of God, If You CareAttention To the Wrong DetailAnother Green World 
Back To Silence Back To Minus Before The Moon FallsScissor FaceThe Hardest WalkLeather Soles Stick On Cobble Stone25 PaintingsDunce NurseDog GirlUntitled
Untitled Was A mother To Desire Hard Life In The CountryThe Morning LightIn The Blue Distance Another Green WorldLady Bird Green GrassThe Man Whose Head Expanded Mother Daughter Lady Bird Green GrassInvisible Bend Sinister Head of the House Delphic DoldrumsA Crooked Mile Lady of LimbourgSome of Them Are Old Masters Thrive On Disasters Dog GirlPrimal Warrior A Family Affair Black Splat !The English Scheme

It Overtakes MeA Dying FictionThe Man Whose Head ExpandedConfused By Their New Freedoms

Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie, CubittBe My Head  

Michael & His Children Ego's Last StandThrough Hollow LandsDelta Rain DreamJoker Hysterical Face
Painting Drawing Series
This painting series is based on symbolic representations of art.